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Thanks Moshe - we appreciate your teamwork, thanks for being so quick - great work ! . . .

     - Scotty Selman, Vice President - Leasing Kimco Realty Corporation

I enjoy working with you. You make me look good. . . !    
     - Doug Kaufman, Senior Director  AGM Commercial Real Estate Advisors

Thanks for turning that around quickly . . . the timing on these is great.
     - Brian Siegel, Transwestern Realty

Moshe, this looks great! Thank you. . .
     - Melody Widener, M Leo Storch Management

Moshe: Thanks for your prompt response, as usual.  
     - Steve McLaughlin, ARIUM æ

Wow, These plans are excellent. . .
     - Chris Smith, Tri Alliance  

Moshe, this is great.  
     - Gabriel Kroiz, Kroiz Architects  


Thanks, Moshe.  I appreciate all of your hard work for these tenants. . . Well done!
     - Daniel Flamholz, Property Manager, Metropolitan Management Company

Looks great!  . . .
     - Shellie Curry, Principal Curry Architects

Perfect, thanks Moshe. . .
     - Andrew J. Rose, Sr Dir.,  Next Realty Mid-Atlantic, LLC 

That was quick, thanks    
     - Gil Horwitz, Sage Management

Thanks a ton, this is a big help.  
     - Gadi Brody, Building Manager, Bnos Yisroel  

Thanks a lot! This is what we needed!    
     - Don Matthews, Jr.  ARIUM  

Moshe, That is perfect . . . ,
     - Cheryl Kelly, M Leo Storch Management  

Thank you, Moshe!  .  .  .  
     - Kerry Craven, Inside Out Designs, Inc.  

Awesome!! . . .
     - Vonda Peterson, Principal, Creative Access   Excellent!!!  

Thanks Moshe, same results, less demo, you’re a genius . . .
     - Azi Rosenblum, Owner, RemSource  

Moshe does a great job, is efficient, fairly priced, and is a pleasure to work with. . .  
     - Scotty Selman, Vice President - Leasing Kimco Realty Corporation   

Thank you so much Moshe!  We can always count on you!  
     - Stephanie Bard, Leasing Assistant Kimco Realty  

Thank you Moshe. 1:19 am? I have to say that's pretty impressive. Many thanks!  
     - Mark Mueller  Sierra Mid      - Atlantic, Comm. RE Agency  

Hello Moshe,  This is fabulous. Thank you . . .  
     - Sheila Wainwright   Hill Hospitality  

Moshe, These look great.  Thank you.  
     - Tova Levine  Director of Marketing  Blue Ocean Realty  

[Moshe] is very talented and pleasant to work with.
     - Kevin Kahn, President,  IntelliComp Technologies  

Moshe . . .  These drawings look perfect – thanks!!  
     - Jen Lyon, Marks-Thomas Architects  

Thanks for doing a great job.  
     - Bill Berman, Director of Property Management, Metropolitan Management Company     

VERY NICE JOB, Thanks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  . . .
     - Chris Blades, Owner, Charm City Yoga

Moshe,  this looks great!  Thank you. . . .  
     - Jim Flannery, Brightside Associates

Thanks for the good work thus far. . .  they think you are great!  
     - F. Joseph Bradley, VP, MacKenzie Commercial Real Estate   

Thanks Moshe. Looks good!  
     - Valerie Pettine, Metro Commercial Real Estate  

Perfect  . . .
     - Jeff Gelberman, VP Natioanl Real Estate  Brokerage  

…thanks, you’re the best ! . . . Always a pleasure working with you.  
     - Wayne Creek, AIA  

Perfect – thanks, Moshe!  
     - Jenna Burke  Leasing Associate  Kimco Realty  

You are awesome! . . .  Thanks Moshe. Great price and great service as always . . .
     - Beth Lancelotta   Lancelotta Real Estate  

Thanks for your excellent, prompt work.  
     - Wayne Goddard, GS Equity Partners  

Moshe, This is perfect.    
     - Jeffrey Gelberman, Principal,  NREB, LLC