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      Moshe Miller, Owner
While earning both a BS and BA in Architecture at Kent State, one of my favorite classes focused on documenting existing conditions.  We were given a challenging old Vaudeville theater, with lots of curves and detail to document.  Our group submitted the semester project to the National HABS competition,and we actually won 2nd place!  I guess that was the beginning of my enjoying telling the story of a building through plans, elevations, and section.  

After graduating, I worked several years for some Architectural Firms, and a was always happy to volunteer to go produce measured drawings for any new project.

While others seem to shun it as grunt work, I enjoyed the challenge of accurately capturing the as-built geometry and data.  I started to see several sectors were benefiting from accurate existing drawings; Architects, Engineers, Contractors, Building owners, Property Managers, and Realtors.   I decided, (with a leap of faith!) to start out on my own.

I've been providing accurate as-built drawings for about 13 years.  I like to think I understand buildings well enough to tell their story.

If you need existing drawings for design, space planning, leasing, marketing, or sales, let me know!  I'll be happy to help you with your next project . . .

  Laptop and laser measurement on site.  Cad drawings are complete and accurate before leaving the building
  Impact to tenant during the survey is miminal to zero
  Projects have ranged in size from 500 to 500,000 sf
  As the sole surveyor, I am accountable for, and stand behind every square foot measured.  I understand the cost ramifications of projects based on in-accurate as-builts
  While most projects only require floorplans; elevations, RCP's, sections, furniture, elec/data outlets, and equipment can be added as needed
  I primarily work within a 3 hour radius of Baltimore, MD; including DC, PA, NJ, DE, and VA.  Though it can't hurt to ask for a proposal outside that range
  Service Model:  Everyone wants quick, cost effective, and accurate deliverables.
The business adage is you only get two factors, at the expense of the third.
I strive, as close as possible, to provide a balance of all three